Papa, who never care about money when it comes to his children.

Papa, who prefer his child’s sleep rather than his .

Papa, who never says no because he wants to fulfill all the dreams of his children .

Papa, who always supports even if the world is against you. For him only his family matters .

Papa , who saves you from mom’s anger and scolding and always takes your side .

Papa , for whom you will always be beautiful even if you are bald , black , thin , fat .

Papa , who loves you unconditionally and never shows even if you disappoints him .

Papa, who shaves his off head just because you are awkward in your bald head .




I read a self- help, named ‘The rudest book ever’ by ‘ Shwetabh Gangwar’ , I loved the book , it was written in a prudent manner , every point was believable but we all know that applying those formulas are kinda uphill task for all of us . I have some major thoughts regarding some points .

He said that ‘Nobody gives a shit about you, so you should just do your work and should not think about what will others say .’ Absolutely right , that, we should not listen to anyone and do things that satisfy us, but the point is ‘EVERYONE DO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT EVERYONE’ that’s why almost half of population is here , reading self – help books . We all judge other’s that’s why we are afraid that other’s will judge . It’s an inevitable point . Humans can’t ignore it .

Secondly , he told us that we should analyze the data of a person with whom we are going to get involved in some kind of relationship . Correct, we should, but what are the chances that after knowing and analyzing the data ,then also, it would work ? It’s not in our hands . By making ourselves Shakespeare , we can’t save ourselves from getting hurt. We are human beings not robots , we can’t put our emotional system outside . It’s in built . It’s a natural process .

Thirdly , he stated that ‘ we should not expect or ask for appreciation and should not leave working if , we not get appreciated for that work . ‘ Very true lines , we should not . Don’t you think a little appreciation work as motivation ?A sane human requires a boost up , which is probably appreciation , which motivates us to do our work confidently . I am not saying, we need appreciation every single minute but at some point of time we require it .

I like self – help books, but we can’t leave our emotional system and emotions , it’s an integral part of our lives , we should know how to control and rebound ourselves with our emotions not without it . We are human beings , Emotions are ‘all in all’ in our lives that’s why we are different from robots.


Life is Exquisite and Suicide is definitely not a REMEDY!

India has the highest suicide rate in South- East Asia . Farmers suicide because their farms are not giving results , children suicide because they didn’t make it to 90% , adults suicide because girlfriend or boyfriend left them . Why ? Why these things are bigger than our lives , Ourselves? Life is all about ups and downs , when we all are going to understand this little and the most important fact ? Maybe never !

When I was in 9th grade , my maths teacher used to humiliate me by saying that ‘you are nothing in front of your brother .’ You know what’s the beautiful and logical reason behind this statement . I WAS BAD IN MATHEMATICS .Many people even the watchman of my school used to say ‘your marks are nothing in front of his marks .’ In front of my class , my math teacher used to compare me with my brother and not in a good sense but only in a insulting manner . I was depressed . I was just a kid , I didn’t know how to handle that thing.Well , I am still a kid but mature one . Seriously , I was afraid of his lessons because most of the time he insults me . Sometimes , I cried also . I prayed to god that please make me like my brother . I was very upset . I had only one friend that time, my dog . I used to hug him and cry like anything . I really wanted to die .

After some time , before my board exams my brother came,I was very happy ,I forgot everything . We had fun . My brother made me realise that I was so stupid . I was crying over the things that my brother never said . An outside person , who, I am never going to meet , only a subject teacher for two years said those things to me . I realised, why I am giving this much importance to these things ? My brother never said this to me , an outside person did . My brother loves me, more than anything else and he supports me , my dreams , everything and I am depressing over those rubbish things . The lesson I got from the incident was that ‘It doesn’t matter, if someone calls you a loser because your family always love you and support you . How could I think about dying , it was so childish . My family is with me , I have everything ,still I thought about that idiotic thing . I was so disappointed with me that I was unaware about my self – worth . I was thinking to end my life because of some idiot teacher . My bad !

My father and mother taught me that everyone is brilliant in some field.It could be art , dance , or any other subject . It doesn’t matter if you are bad at something so you are a loser . My parents cheered me up by saying ,not a big deal it’s just a subject , you are much more valuable than this and we are proud of you . You are versatile , you are good in many things .




Hello again! I have a question for you all ‘ How many of you(boys and men ) are afraid to pursue a career as a fashion designer, makeup artist ? ‘ . I asked this because, in today’s world also there are many people who believe that these professions are associated with girls only or professions like architect , engineer are associated with boys only . WHY SO?

If a boy likes to draw or design, many people even his classmates also make fun of him . I can’t understand why this happens? Why to demotivate a person when you can’t help ? Designing is not a crime , right ? It’s not written anywhere if you design it means you have to be a girl. I’ve seen many times that if a girl says I want to be a pilot her family members advices her that’no these professions are for males only , you would not be able to do that .‘ Why ? If a girl become a pilot , boys will lose their jobs or job options for them will decrease or plane will say no I need a man to operate me ? No , right ?

I am happy that my family is not like that . My family is very supportive . According to them a girl and a boy can join any profession. I don’t understand that why people say to a boy that ‘no you can’t be a makeup artist these things are for girls .‘I mean what’s the logic behind this? Professions do not have a label on it that ‘I am gender biased’ or It doesn’t say that ‘ Wait , tell me your gender first then only, I will decide,you are good for this work or not.’

Come on dude! A girl can be a pilot , engineer , architect or anything ,she wants to be . A boy can be a makeup artist , designer , or anything, he wants to be .



We all have dreams some wants to be a  singer, some dancer , etc . I still remember my computer teacher asked me what’s your dream ? I said I want to be a Fashion designer. She further asked that your parents are professors still you want to join this path? That was kind of bolt from the blues for me because I was like oh shit! never thought about it .

When you have a dream and if it’s something not related to science field then it will become a big question . The questions are like Why do you want to be a painter, a dancer ,a writer? Are you not good in studies? How could you think of this ? there’s no money in this .Do you know how important a doctor and engineer is? You are such a Disappointment. You must learn how to answer these tricky questions because these questions will help you to achieve your goal . I am just saying sarcastically please don’t take it seriously . These questions doesn’t matter, if you know the answer well and good ,if you don’t then also nothing will happen . Just listen them from one ear and liberate them from other one .

Its not written anywhere that if parents are doctors then their child must study for MBBS . If you are not good in maths and you like something else then it’s obvious that you don’t want to pursue anything in that field that’s it, COME ON MAN! IT’S NOT A SIN.Why to waste your time , energy and money in engineering preparation ? It will only create white elephant situation and nothing else.

Everyone has right on their dreams . You can’t say that if parents are in this field why are you in different one or want to choose different path? Parents did according to their comfort level or maybe not but if we have a option and talent then why can’t we take other route? it will not make us any smaller.




We all know ‘toppers’ are considered on the basis of mark sheets , grades , Etc. Who is teacher’s favorite ? (Topper ) . If you are good at some extra curricular activity and you are a topper then everyone will praise you . You will become the star of every teacher’s eyes . If you are only good at extra curricular activities even if you are perfect in it but not in studies then from the same teachers you will listen a lecture including sentences like ‘ You are only busy in extra things , these things aren’t going to help you , you are such a disappointment ,etc .’
What kind of equality is this ? Can someone explain ?Can’t you praise someone if he/she is good at something ? Why only grades matter ?

I know good grades ensure us good college and jobs , etc but do they furnish self – satisfaction ? In India there are  many students ,who are studying and working hard for good grades , only to please or satisfy their family members , teachers or friends . Why ? because singing , dancing , drawing , acting , etc are not considered as  rooted subjects . According to Indian mentality these subjects are for losers .

In India, Education means science , arts , commerce . Many countries have music , dancing , drawing , acting as major subjects. Even in India I have seen many schools have but not in a nimble state . They take it as an optional subject which doesn’t matter that much . Why ? Maybe ,if a person get dancing or acting lessons starting from school ,then, he /she would get perfect in school and his/her struggle after school or college might get decrease . Why these platforms are considered as bad or inappropriate ? I know struggle is there but If a person is satisfied then, that struggle means nothing and everything.

Why grades matter more and not self-satisfaction? Why every school teaches that designing, acting are fields that should not be chosen? Why do they not consider every field as important as science or other fields ?Why don’t teachers or parents give us ideas for other options?

Education is the key to success but education should be given in the direction , in which a student is satisfied and comfortable. Not only in 2-3 subjects .




Suddenly at night an incident popped  into my head . Some of my teachers used to tell me that the girls who wear lipstick , lipbalm , kajal or any other thing(specially lip balm) could not be able to focus on studies , they do not leave good impression or basically they are bad girls .According to them that girl can’t score well. The so called ‘reason’ was so shitty I realized today .

Like seriously how a person could not focus on studies by using a lip balm or any other makeup stuff ? we study with our brain , our mind , right? using a makeup product doesn’t make our brain work less . It is just a thing that we use to groom ourselves and to look a little better. Teachers who told me this used to wear 20 kg’s of makeup and I was amused when I heard this from them . our personality is half of our looks and if we want to put something on us its our wish, why to stop?

Anyways,Its not the end of the world . How could teachers differentiate between their students like this ? Their work is to teach us right things .

What is the logic behind this ,that a girl leaves bad impression if she uses a “lip balm” ? . First of all , toppers also use makeup products as it believe in equality . Makeup products are not like our teachers 藍. It does not say that you can use me only if you promise me not to focus on studies…

Wearing makeup products do not make any of us less intelligent . We focus according to our brain capacity not according to lip balm or any other makeup product.


Naysa ❤


As we all know that society stuffed many things into our heads .

According to society  the good man is the one who is a gentleman , who does not cheat a woman and many more things.
I still can’t understand that if a man does something wrong with a woman everyone will start protesting but if the same thing happen with a man no one would utter a single thing about it because for society feminists are the real hero .

They say ‘ you are a man don’t cry like a girl .’ Why so ? Men are born without feelings or emotions or something else ? Every human has emotions and feelings and has full rights to express it.
women have all the rights to cry .

If a man slaps a woman people will say ‘ How rude , he slapped a woman , how could he ? ‘ and if a woman slaps a man people will say ‘ Of course he definitely did something bad to her , he deserve this .’

Move on to girls / women . We listen many things . For eg :-
1 . Speak lightly , girls don’t speak like this , sit properly , blah blah …
Why ? God gave us a throat and a mouth so why can’t we use it to raise our voice for right things .
My legs will break if I will sit comfortably the way I want to ?
No , right ?

Society says teasing or raping any girl is a crime and that person should be castigated .right ? but if their own family member harass a girl then the rules and everything will change. They shut their mouth up and won’t do anything about it except to hide this from everyone just because now its about their own family . 

Society be like – This we don’t know but the rule is it can only happen between male and female . If it will take place between two females or males then either you both are mad and need a doctor or you need a TANTRIC .

Society only talk about ethics, values , etc but don’t want to face reality and most importantly don’t know the real meaning of justice . Only know how to judge someone and don’t even try to perceive the situation.

We should definitely not pass on these double standards to the next generations .



When I was 7-8 years old my father used to tell me that I am the most beautiful girl in the whole universe and because of this statement I became upset when someone say ‘you are not beautiful ‘and on the other side, my brother, who used to say no! you are not beautiful. Obviously he never meant it but technically he was preparing me to face the reality . He knew that everyone is not my father and mother . He knew about the cruel world .

What’s beautiful ? According to people ( almost 90% ) beauty is all about fairness , good physique , beautiful eyes , etc . Do you really believe that’s beautiful ? How and why ? you think thats beautiful maybe because you are very much inspired by movies , shows ,etc .
Since childhood we have been watching all those fairness cream ads and boys or girls only choose good looking one’s as their partners, etc . This mentality is stuffed inside our heads . When a child is born he/she does not have any idea about all this bullshit but from surroundings , friends , movies even parents ,he/she learn discrimination and these kind of thoughts . No one gave many of us the chance to contemplate about what real beauty is ?
because these all are fantasies not reality .

I am victim of this too . I am also very insecure about my ‘looks’ . Back then I was in a fantasy world which could have caused me a lot of harm, if my brain wouldn’t have woken up.After that I realised that outer beauty only matters 40-45% . A person is perfect and imperfect on the basis of what they do ?and who they are? not because they ‘look‘ beautiful or ugly . Judge people but do not take that judgement as the nature of that person . You only know about their looks not about them .

If a person is beautiful then he/she will never disrespect parents or any other person .
•If a person is beautiful , he/she will never hurt animals.
•If a person is beautiful , he/she always has  good intentions for everyone.
•If a person is beautiful , he/she will always help helpless person .

According to me the definition of BEAUTIFUL should be changed .



Hello fellas !
Can I ask you a question ? Which language is convenient for you ? 
I think so most of you will say english not because it’s convenient for you but it will be a shame if you won’t choose it , or communicate in it , you will become small .

I Myself is afraid of this thing that if I won’t speak english fluently and correctly then I may viewed as a source of ignominy .
Most of us don’t choose a language in which we are comfortable , we prefer english over any language just because it’s brain feeded that english is everything , If you cannot speak in english then no one will give you respect , no one will admire you and you are an unlettered person even if you have world’s knowledge but not knowing english will be a blot on your forehead forever but WHY ?

One thing I do not fathom that why   Americans and other countries people don’t have that kind of fright of not knowing our national language , like most of us contemplate that what would I do , I don’t know english properly ? They never say I don’t know Hindi what would I do ? They do not teach Hindi or bengali or any other language as a subject in schools or colleges . You know why because they don’t care about our language . They do not have fear of our language . We have because we give importance to english more than anything else.

I am not saying that english is not salient for us , it is but not knowing english shouldn’t be a terror because knowledge and talent is much more than speaking english . Your work and behaviour makes you classy , intelligent , attractive .

We should believe more in ourselves not in a language and take that fear out of our minds that people will judge . Its obvious that they will because human beings can’t survive without it even i can’t but its normal . The thing is that you should not think about what others are thinking .